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In all honesty your staff exceeded our expectations of customer care. They were courteous on the phone, early to work and completed their work on time. The prices were also pocket-friendly. I will be telling my friends to hire you


A power surge in our area had fried most of our electricals. We were lucky that no house caught fire. On the suggestion of one of our neighbors we decided to hire this company to handle our repairs. Due to the work load they had, the appointment was scheduled three days later. When they came in, they decided to make the service worth our wait. Firstly they arrived on time. The crew was armed with the latest gadgets and had carried the proper materials I had requested them for replacement. The work took less time than I had anticipated. They cleaned up and assured me that should anything break down from their repairs within six months to call them and have them repair the problem for free. Needless to say, I will not be anticipating any failures in our electrical system before then.


I am not much of an electronics wizard. This is a huge problem for me when I want to make an addition or make an upgrade to the gadgets in our house. However, this company’s staff are conversant with various appliances. Whenever I have something I need to bring in I call in to consult their qualified technicians and they give me the various models in the market.


Amazing Service. Your electrician came on right time. He replaced and fixed everything that I asked for quickly and correctly without any kind of mess. Price was also very reasonable and worth service as well as quality provided. I am going to recommend your electrician service and use them once again. Thanks so much.” You have done a very good job and will definitely recommend your service next time as well. Keep up the good work.

Reg Gillard

On a Christmas Eve I had tripping fuse and cause of that I cannot identify. I rang your Electrician service and one of the operatives, arrived in a short time and took over 15 minutes just to locate a problem back at my goldfish pond. This in itself was the speedy diagnosis of a problem. Then he proceeded in getting the pond (his waist) remove many large filters, filled with mud, and haul large electric motor on the surface. This took Herculean effort. Apprentice watched in amazement. Obviously replacing motor before Christmas was just impossible and as family were travelling abroad immediately after Christmas so I gave him clear to house and he also promised to get this all operating as early as possible so my 70 fish survived! While I came home after a month it was operating. The truly amazing effort and best work. You can do any kind of work who will not get daunted by any kind of task.