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Our company offers a broad range of electrician services for both residential and commercial electrical services. Some of the services we provide include: Whole house rewiring, general electrical repair, new construction wiring, audio and video wiring. Home automation services has become popular and its one thing techno-savvy individual cannot do without. Nowadays, smart homes is the talk for every home. The computer performs all sorts of tasks for you. While you control it from smartphone, tablet or computer. This technology also allows you to remotely control a variety of devices in your home like: 
- Televisions
- Security alarm systems
- Thermostat
- Home sounds systems or speakers
- And other electronic devices in your home 
We offer quite a number of installation systems like control home automation systems and URC among others. Our experts offer professional installation regardless of which system you choose. We also ensure the automation is complete and efficient and your need are well catered for. Our staff will ensure you achieve your ultimate goal to a greater length. Our audio and video installation include one from a leading company which is designed to fill different rooms of your house. Some of its features will include:
-Hifi wireless speakers and audio components which provide crystal clear sounds
- Ability to stream music from different music services like iTunes, Pandora and Sporty
- Different speakers to select from including powerful ones for larger rooms and quieter ones that can be used for smaller rooms
- A free smartphone and a tablet application for synchronizing your residences sound systems
- Subwoofer, sound bars and other devices that are tailored to give a perfect 3.1 or 5.1 home theater sound system.

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Our electricians are skilled & professionals in their field of electrical & an entire electrical revamp expertise.

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We taking care of the lights, switches, ceiling fan installations and even adding outlets of home.

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Maintenance & Installation 
Our electrician service technician is highly committed in giving the ongoing maintenance to commercial sector for the breakdowns of the equipment or lighting. We can provide the prompt response to client in a case of the breakdown that enables business to operate. Our Electrical Service can offer many services for testing or ongoing checking of the lighting and equipment; from offering the emergency lighting testing with accordance to tagging and testing all the appliances with state of art and portable appliance tester with right regulation. Our electrician service can also contact client’s through email to remind them while equipment is retested that allows peace of mind to our client’s since they know that their equipment may meet the current regulations. Doesn’t matter how small or large the project, selecting the right company to undertake your home work is the major decision. 
If you need any kind of further information and free advice about the services, don’t hesitate to contact us or you can visit out web site now and get all the details of the services that we offer. 
Our electrician service provides all types of commercial solutions for: 
- Food outlets & Restaurants 
- Retail 
- Care Facilities 
- Schools 
- Fitness Centres 
- Entertainment Venues 
- Churches